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What to Do When Your Child Loses a Tooth

Losing teeth is common in children as the permanent ones come in. But the active lifestyle of children can also make them lose their teeth before the expected time. Your children can hurt themselves while playing, which can cause them to lose their baby teeth, and as a parent, you should know what to do in such situations.

Was It a Natural Loss?

Your child might be wiggling a tooth for a while. And sometimes your child can appear with a missing tooth. That is nothing to worry about. Check the location of the lost tooth; if it seems like a natural loss, then a permanent tooth might already be on its way. Mostly, children lose their front teeth first and then the rest.

When to Worry About Baby Tooth Loss?

If your child loses a baby tooth, it is completely alright. You just need to consult with the dentist to know if they have lost the tooth even before the right time.

If a specific injury caused tooth lost, then make sure that it doesn’t create further complications that can damage the growth of a permanent tooth. Sometimes a spacer is also needed to keep away other teeth from crowding into the gap.

What To Do When Your Child Loses A Tooth

Check for Bleeding or Other Injuries

After falling out, baby teeth might cause bleeding. Don’t panic. It is normal and temporary. Loss of permanent truth can be more serious, though. An injury to the mouth can result in heavy bleeding. Ask your child to wash his mouth from inside out with slightly warm water so any other damage can become apparent.

Apply First Aid

Losing a baby tooth should not cause too much bleeding or agonizing pain. By rinsing the mouth with lukewarm water, your child can deal with the bleeding. Whereas loss of a permanent tooth can lead to severe pain and discomfort. Giving your child a pain reliever can help a little. But if you see signs like swelling, then put a cold pack to the area where it is hurting.

How to Preserve a Permanent Tooth

If you think your child has lost a permanent tooth, try finding it as soon as possible. When you find it, hold it by the crown and rinse it with water to clean the dirt. Try inserting it back into its socket. It can be good news if it goes in, tell your child to bite on a piece of the gauge while holding the tooth in its place.

What To Do When Your Child Loses A Tooth 1

If reinsertion seems impossible, try using a solution that can be found in first aid kits. You can put it in a glass of milk or tell your child to hold it in their mouth under their tounge. If nit anything else, you can at least put it in water to keep the roots moist. Your assistance can help your child survive such a situation with zero percent worry.

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