How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Dental crowns are one of the most common restorations used around the world. They are often placed over teeth that are damaged or otherwise compromised. The crown can be made out of all-ceramic, all-porcelain or a mixture of both materials and metal. Crowns are incredibly durable and can last for many years. Most often, no special treatment is needed to keep the crown looking its best.

Benefits of a Dental Crown

One of the benefits of a dental crown is that it restores a damaged tooth. If a tooth has broken, cracked or chipped severely, a crown can be placed to restructure the tooth itself. Likewise, a crown can be placed over a tooth that is severely decayed or one that has a very large filling in it. Crowns are a cosmetic option as well, since they help to fill in your smile. They are custom-crafted for each patient, so they look and feel completely natural.

Benefits Of A Dental Crown
How Long Does A Crown Last

How Long Does a Crown Last?

The majority of dental crowns can last for anywhere from five to 15 years. The length of time your crown lasts depends on the wear and tear that it receives every day. For example, a patient who has bruxism (tooth grinding) may find that their crowns don’t last as long as a patient who doesn’t grind their teeth. The type of material used can have a part in how long the crown lasts as well. It isn’t uncommon for patients to have crowns that are more than two decades old before replacement is needed.

Ways to Prolong the Life of a Crown

The best way to prolong the life of your dental crown is with proper oral hygiene and regular trips into the dental office. We can help to clear away tartar around the crown which could cause the tooth underneath to become decayed. We check to ensure the crown is solid and isn’t loose or damaged in any way. You should be sure to carefully clean the crown twice a day as you would any of your other teeth. If you grind your teeth, you may want to consider an oral device that can be worn at night to keep your teeth protected.

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